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Graduation just began back in Claremont, and it feels mighty weird not being there. Cooler, certainly; I’m not missing sweltering under the klieg lights in my fluorescent purple triple-knit polyester robe. But I miss the ceremony, nonetheless–miss the opportunity to say goodbye to my students from the class of 2006, to congratulate them on their accomplishments, and to feel the relief of another spring being done.

Perhaps that’s what I miss most of all. Because the end of this spring hasn’t brought relief, only a bit of melancholy. It’s been a fantastic leave, but it’s been a whirlwind, and while I’m happy to be heading back to SoCal in about a week, I’m a bit sad to see the end of my time in Baton Rouge. Not least because I know the summer will go equally quickly, and the freedom that I’ve felt over the last four months–the freedom to work at my own pace; the freedom to stare into space; the freedom to be a whole person, one equally concerned with the health of her body as with the output of her mind–will begin to disappear.

But: I’m bringing back to Claremont with me a renewed sense of the balanced life I want to live, and I have fantastic, exciting projects ahead of me. So let the summer commence! (And class of 2006, drop me a line sometime and let me know how you’re doing.)


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