Da-Na-Dah! Da-Na-Dah!

Okay, (a): Did you realize that Rocky is, and I shit you not, thirty years old, this year?

(b): Did you know that it was possible, tonight, somewhere in the world, to sit outside and drink a bunch of champagne to sorta celebrate your altogether alarming birthday (which was not today; no good wishes yet, damnit; I’ve got something less than forty-eight hours before it’s official) and watch this movie outdoors on the big screen, and wind up making a bunch of guys from Queens right in front of you laugh when you say, in a guttural growl, at an entirely pertinent moment, “Yo, Adrian!”

Neither did I, is all I’m saying.

One thought on “Da-Na-Dah! Da-Na-Dah!

  1. I did not know that Rocky was thirty years old, but thanks for reminding me. Really, thanks.

    Actually I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately, espcially since all those John Hughes movies (Breakfast Club, etc) are now over twenty years old.

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