Dear Hosting Provider

Weirdly, when our team said “let’s upgrade our server” got a message saying “we’re going to upgrade your server,” we didn’t expect you to redirect our DNS entry to a machine so new that it has no files on it. Not just no files, but no configuration whatsoever. And no users, so no way to, I don’t know, configure the machine such that one can put files on it.

I know. Silly us.

No worries, though. It’s not like we were running a large-scale scholarly community that depends on the goodwill of its volunteer participants, whose goodwill varies directly with the perceived stability of the platform.

Thanks, however, for giving the team a bit of clarity on the whole “hey, do we want to stay with this hosting provider or look for another one that might be better suited to our needs” business!



  1. The site in question is here. It’s looked like that since very early this morning, as our developers have desperately tried to get someone, anyone, to provide them with a bit of… what is that called… oh right, customer service.

    But the awesome news is that you can avoid a situation like this one by looking at the header of that web page and finding yourself a different hosting provider!

  2. You may want to take DNS control out of the hands of your hosting provider and use a self-managing service. Sometimes your domain registrar will provide the service for free, but if not there are inexpensive services like DNSimple available. Then if your hosting company gives you grief you can point your DNS to a new provider without their intervention.

    Good luck!

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had recent trouble with your (mt) Media Temple services. I’m currently investigating this issue, and will create a support request within the associated account with more information on exactly what has occurred. Do you know off hand how your developers attempted to reach us? We are available via phone and support chat 24/7 for technical support, as well as via support request and twitter.

  4. Our developers have tried all available channels to get support, of course. A ticket was created early this morning and escalated and marked urgent sometime later in the morning, but there has obviously still been no resolution. I appreciate that there are many available channels to report problems to you guys, but actually resolving the problems is a whole other deal.

    As long as I’m here commenting, I should note that I misrepresented something in the original post, which I will correct above. This whole mess started not with us requesting an upgrade, but with a notification from Media Temple that our server was going to be upgraded. Not an elective surgery, in other words, but a routine procedure. According to the message (one of many that our developers have received over the last year, but the only one that has been followed by an actual “upgrade”), we needed to take no action.

    Not exactly how it turned out.

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