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Dear W.A.S.T.E.

In over the transom today:

Having looked through a few pages of “Gravity’s Rainbow”, I found to my shock and horror that it was almost as if I were reading the confessions of a sort of Moriarty-type criminal. I believe that this evil man has links to Nazis, such as Nazi ‘scientists’ who were brought into the United States in 1946 under ‘Operation Paper Clip’ and the ‘Invisible Empire’ of the Ku Klux Klan, the militia groups, and possibly Illuminati.

This man is evil. He has personally terrorized me. He is extremely perverse and his evil quite unpredictable. The beginning page and the end page of ‘the book’ seem to me, the confession of a twisted ‘fantasy’ to destroy ‘the Crystal Palace’ — the fall of a crystal palace, but then the reference to breaking glass? — perhaps the ‘Crystal Palace’ being symbolically some sort of skyscraper, and reading the last page, the sort of limerick, “‘til the light that hath brought the towers low” — I thought of the ‘Twin Towers’, the World Trade Center, completed in 1972 and 1973. Page 369 is a limerick about a drug-induced introduction to an Arab ‘jinni’?

I think he even tried to diabolis [sic] my own fate through this book — though how he came upon me is a mystery. I’m from the Philippines. What’s interesting is that on one page he writes about ‘something’ rolling about in Malabacat. I don’t know if there is a Malabacat, but there is a Mabalacat in the Philippines near where the US military used to have an air base. Of course, that ‘something’ isn’t me.

Pages 430 and 431 — the most recent edition that costs $16.95 (and that I had to purchase twice, because of having dismissed his diabolicalness, both times, ripping up both copies) and has the rocket designs on the cover, the paragraph in between the pages seem to remind me of the American nazi terrorist threats of the late William Pierce who wrote “The Turner Diaries”. “Depending on what didn’t come from where, you know which factories had been bombed, what railway connectioned severed(?) …”, etc. and seems to be a diabolical promise of the neo-Nazi movement ‘avenging’ the allied bombing of Dresden.

There is a paragraph about ‘The Moss Creature stirs’ and I can’t remember the page that it is on. Then there is a reference to ‘cherry red’. Pynchon seems to be making a joke while at the same time contemplating a diabolical act of evil — ‘a rolling stone gathers no moss’, The Rolling Stones, ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ with the lyrics “we decided that we would have a soda, my favorite flavor cherry red” — with the end of the paragraph beginning with (Turn? What is turn?), and seems to be a subliminal attempt to try to terrorize Ted Turner, the multi-billionaire.

Pages 413-414 or 414-415, after ‘Victim In A Vaccum’ have particular relevance to me. The paragraph that reads about war starting as a depression. Then the threat of through willful evil, the suffocating or strangulation of a man’s throat, perhaps in his sleep and then the numbers talking about ‘it is isotropically distributed’ and ‘no, this is not a conspiracy’ and ‘it is not aimed at me’.

2 summers ago, living in a different apartment in the Apartment Complex I am staying at now here in [name deleted] Apartments in [city and state deleted], I noticed on the air-conditioning unit, an Arcoaire air-conditioning unit (a company of Heil — obviously a Ku Klux Klan-neo-Nazi company), a metal sign that read CASE INDOOR COIL CONTAINS DCATAO24. I could not find a listing on the EPA IRIS website, and indeed had to go to a dictionary and through educated guesswork, thinking of fluorocarbons and chlorofluorocarbons, I decided to look up Dichloro– and found Dichloroacetic Acid. I looked it up on the Internet and Dichloroacetic Acid freezes below 48 degrees Fahrenheit and I concluded that DCATAO24 must be Dichloroacetic Acid Oxidase 24? and that it might have been isotopic — ‘isotropic’ ha ha ha, perhaps being a pun on TAO, and then of course, not a reference to the Tao Teh Ching, and is there a sick pun on Dow Chemicals?

Also, ‘tao’ means people in Filipino language.

Either way, I have concluded that Michigan Militia and Klan, if not escaped Nazis, were definitely a part of designing the air-conditioning units in the apartment complex I live in.

I am hoping that things are going good for you and your friends. If you believe what I have told you about, please let them know. Either way, please let them know about this e-mail that I have sent.

Consider yourselves warned.


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