Anxiety is a phone that doesn’t ring when it’s supposed to.

Anticlimactic is discovering that the message was left on your office voice mail last night.

23 thoughts on “Definitions

  1. This is indeed a Veiled Reference. According to the dean’s voice mail (I seem not to be able to get beyond that part) the final step, to take place next week, will be a rubber stamp — but things nonetheless remain a bit semi-official.

  2. Aw, heck — I just got an email message inviting me to the official board-of-trustees congratulations reception. I figure, if it’s official enough for an invite, it’s official enough for the happy dance…

    Ten-ure! Ten-ure! I got! Ten-ure!

  3. Here’s a stab:

    Tenure is a lifetime ticket to the middle class.

    (Credit where credit is due: this definition has been pilfered from a colleague.)

    Thanks for the good wishes, all. Needless to say, after a bit of a rough start, it’s been a great day.

  4. I’d not been following recent news closely enough — of course you’d mentioned the review but I’d forgotten a conclusion to the drama was imminent.


  5. Kathleen, that’s so exciting! What lovely news with which to start my day. Now you can scratch that backup plan to become governor.

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