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Digging Through the Archive

As I was doing a bit of weeding this weekend, I stumbled across this entry in the archives, which made me stop and stare a bit:

Have just come from completing civic duty, which is increasingly difficult to imagine has any beneficial effect in the world, given the awful lesser-of-two-evils [note: Bill Simon link no longer functional] choice before us here today. Thank goodness for the phone calls this weekend from my favorite president advising me in the casting of this vote.

The most important race on the ballot, however, is not this year’s gubernatorial election, but that of 2006, the primary for which is being held today. Proposition 49 — aimed at creating after-school programs for “at-risk” kids (good), but funded in a loaves-and-fishes style, in which no new taxes are raised and no existing programs are cut (puzzling at best) — is the brainchild of this candidate, who everyone openly acknowledges is testing the waters for a gubernatorial run.

And I thought the Gipper was frightening.

What optimism I felt a mere eleven months ago, assuming that there were years between us and the ascendance of the Governator.


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