Dr. George Tiller, RIP

Thankfully, other folks are doing a much better job of responding to this horror than I can right now, so I’ll just direct you their way, except to say a quiet thank you for a life of extraordinary courage, and a small prayer of hope that this act of terrorism might be recognized for what it is.

[Update, 2.29 pm: Holy effing crap. This is what I’m talking about: “[Randall] Terry said he was now concerned that the Obama administration ‘will use Tiller’s killing to intimidate pro-lifers into surrendering our most effective rhetoric and actions.’” Am I wrong in interpreting “our most effective rhetoric and actions” as acts specifically designed to terrorize?]

2 responses to “Dr. George Tiller, RIP”

  1. no, you’re not wrong. he is a heinous person. k.

  2. Have you noticed that the FBI refused to follow up on Dr. Tiller’s killer the day before he killed him.

    He was caught at a KC women’s center super gluing the locks. She got his car plate and first name plus they had color photo on the security camera’s.

    But the FBI told him he could do nothing because the DA had to create a grand jury before he could act.

    Not true. To destory a clinic is under federal law, not local DA.

    Just look like nothing has changed. Gov. won’t do anything.

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