I’m finally acknowledging this morning that the holidays are over, that there are two weeks left before classes start, and that if I’m going to get anything done, now’s the moment. I’m hoping to return to some regular writing here in this new year, and so am going to begin with a few relatively random bullets, just trying to capture some of what I’ve been pondering.

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  • The big-ass storm that pounded the west coast seems finally to have passed. The radar pictures I watched much of the weekend were quite dramatic — rain, at one point last night, stretching solidly from Palm Springs to the east to the coast, and from southern Orange County to well north of San Luis Obispo. Storms of that size are like a homecoming of a sort — one of a few things that I really miss from Louisiana — but they’re unusual enough to be a bit of a pain here: flooded streets, crap drivers, and a general creeping damp cold that my heating system can’t seem to overcome. On the upside, however, is that the storm has left us with enough snow that the desperation of this year’s drought might be a bit ameliorated.
  • The first episode of season 5 of The Wire already has me hooked, but that was pretty much a foregone conclusion: combine my absolute adoration for the show’s narrative strategies, its complex web of characters, and its focus on the systemic obstacles to really fixing serious social problems with the fact that, this year, the media provides the primary system in question, and I’m one hundred and four percent sold.
  • I’m back to work on some MediaCommons projects, which I hope I’ll have more to show for, soon.
  • I’m also attempting to move forward with my own writing projects, but as usual, they’re getting short shrift. I keep saying that I want to find ways to integrate that writing with posting here, and I keep not following through. I’m determined to get some blog mileage out of the research I’m doing right now, though, and some project mileage out of the blog, too. I’d call it a new year’s resolution if I really believed in those.

More from the homefront, soon.

3 thoughts on “Emerging

  1. I just signed up for Netflix (yeah, I was one of the holdouts, but the strike finally forced my hand), and The Wire is definitely towards the top of my queue (right now I’m getting caught up on Dexter, which, awesome). I’ve heard nothing but great things–it’s too bad this will be the last season.

  2. Actually, I’m not sure that it’s not for the best that this is the last season, much as I love the show — I’d much rather see them go out while the show is still brilliant rather than run it into the ground. (I’m thinking of Six Feet Under, which, despite a brilliant series conclusion, went on at least one season too long. And, heresy though this may be, The Sopranos, which likewise ended fantastically, but only after slogging through some pretty painful lulls.)

    I’ve only watched the first season of Dexter, which I finally got around to just before the holidays, and really enjoyed it. I’m hoping to start season 2 soon…

  3. Fair enough–I’ll amend that to say, then, that it’s too bad I didn’t get in on the show soon enough to watch new episodes air (ain’t no way I’m getting caught up on four seasons before this one is over).

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