Over the last several months, I’ve regularly bugged folks on the Twitters for suggestions for a new class I’ve been putting together for this semester, called “Peculiar Genres of Academic Writing.”

The initial ask.

This is a course I’ve wanted to teach for eons, both because it fills a gaping need that I felt in my own graduate education, and because I’ve longed to get back to teaching writing.

More begging.

Putting this course together has been a joy, not least in getting to read through so many great examples of those peculiar genres as folks shared them with me.

Begging for blogs.

I’m enormously grateful for all the suggestions everyone made, as well as for the excitement that I heard out there every time I mentioned the class. I promised repeatedly that I’d share the syllabus once it was done (or at least “done”).

I’m a huge advice writing nerd.

Today I finally got the course site published, so the syllabus is now available to all. (Some of the readings are not, alas. But I’ll be happy to share what I can.)

Thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts to my planning. Problems in the syllabus are all my responsibility, of course. I’ll look forward to updating as things evolve.

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  1. ?”Generosity of spirit”?

  2. Kathleen

    I was pleased to see a whole list of closing salutations (me being a fan of the epistolary genre).

    The initial ask. More begging. Begging for blogs. I’m a huge advice writing nerd.

    I was reading the post in email software and those little snippets appeared as concluding the preceding and not, as they do here on a www browser, announcing what is to come.

    A most felicitous mise en abyme would be for you to use this particular blog entry to kick off peculiar writing seminar as the peculiarities of the word often float on the underlying material supports etc. etc.

    Yours, simply tickled,



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  • Dr. Amanda Wyatt Visconti

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