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Faculty Lecture

I’ve discovered something today: either I was a whole lot braver eight years ago, or a whole lot dumber. I’m giving a talk in our faculty lecture series in about an hour. The last time I did this was during my first year here at the college. And I don’t remember being half so terrified as this.

The talk is entitled “Scholarly Publishing in the Age of the Internet,” and is a distillation of a bunch of the polemics and manifestoes I’ve written about and around MediaCommons over the last year, laying out some of the causes of the crisis in humanities publishing today and suggesting, by looking at examples including arXiv, the Nature open peer review trial, and, of course, MediaCommons, to suggest some possible futures.

One of these days, I’m planning to take the slides of the bajillion talks I’ve given this semester and turn them, with voiceover of the talks themselves, into downloadable movies. Perhaps we could publish them on MediaCommons?


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