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The last five days have been absolutely dreamy — arrived in BTR at 9.30am, delirious and vaguely cranky, but got taken home to the fabulous apartment I’ll be spending the spring in, where I got to take a shower and a nap before beginning a serious unwind. Since then I’ve tinkered with this site, installed, designed, and begun the text-input on the research wiki, and generally wined, dined, and slept. All much needed.

Alas, that’s it for the break. I’m on a crack-of-dawn flight tomorrow, headed back ONT-ward in order to get Fall Semester, Part Two underway. I’ve got a big pile of work to do on the flights, and much to do around the house when I arrive.

There’s a couple of big up-sides here, though, one of which is buried in my first paragraph. One month from today, R. will be on that plane, headed out for an extended Thanksgiving visit. And two months from today, I’ll be flying back to BTR, beginning a semester’s leave.

Not that I’m counting the days or anything.

No sirree.



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