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Folks We're Still Trying to Find

A friend of mine from back in the day directs me to the Hurricane Poets Check-In, where some information has been gathered about the status, as known, of a number of New Orleans writers. Several of my friends are, happily, on the “found” list. At least one is still missing.

I’ve still heard nothing about Trent, Maria, or Kenneth. I’m still convinced they’re alive, but with much bigger issues ahead of them than contacting me. But I’d just like to know.

[UPDATE, 9.30 pm: Within seconds, I have word of Maria — she was on vacation in another part of the country during the hurricane, and so though her house has been completely destroyed (not something I want to dismiss of course, but nonetheless) she has survived.]

[UPDATE, 9.5.05, 6.24 am: Trent is likewise safe. Thank goodness.]


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