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Gee, Now What?

I confess to having a very bad case of “yeah, but what have I accomplished lately,” something against which I’ve struggled pretty much my entire adult life. And boy, there’s nothing like finishing a major project and taking the afternoon off to read a novel (and then the evening to watch television, but that’s another post) and then sitting at your desk the next morning thinking, well… now what?

But actually, I’ve managed to clear out a bunch of annoying little things that I really needed to have dealt with weeks ago, things that I’d put off until the index was done. And now it is! And they are! (At least some of them.) And I’m feeling a bit more organized and generally ready to go.

So this afternoon I’m starting in on the book review that I owe RCCS. And once that’s done, I’ve got two articles that I want to work on, one of which has a May deadline and the other of which is, I hope, looking forward toward the next big project.

And it’s just dreamy to have, at last, the kind of brainspace (not to mention clockspace) available for thinking about such things.


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