After two martinis and a glass of wine, I found it extraordinarily funny that Marion Barry pled guilty to tax evasion on Fitzmas.

But that’s undoubtedly just drunken me.

2 thoughts on “Gestalt

  1. Man, that Marion Barry will do anything to get a little press. Sometimes I wonder if he does it just to keep us entertained.

    Happy Day-After-Fitzmas, at any rate. Here’s to a reoccurrence sometime in the not-too-distant future! (And here’s to the possibility of the Best Trial Ever!)

  2. Or, as our British friends know it, Boxing Day. Only what’s being boxed up today isn’t so much donations for the poor as the contents of Scooter Libby’s office.

    Which, if we could spread it to the rest of the building, might be a pretty good donation for the poor after all.

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