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One of the things that this new #11ty site has done for me is get me way more comfortable with git, and with the command line. Of course, what I'm actually doing at the command line is not a whole heck of a lot -- mostly a lot of npm run build and assorted git commands -- but it's not nothing for someone who'd gotten lured into a false sense of comfort by the many many GUIs of the world.

The neatest thing I've done lately, though, is develop a shared repository on GitHub for a particular project we've got underway that mostly requires a bunch of markdown files documenting the choices we're making and then other markdown files containing the text and images and links that the project will use. I built out the project this weekend in Obsidian and used the Obsidian Git plugin to push it to a private Github repo.

And it suddenly hit me that if my colleagues cloned that repo to their local machines and opened it in Obsidian with the Obsidian Git plugin, we'd have a fully shared and version controlled collaboration space.

It was a solid "light dawns over Marblehead" moment.[1] Who knows what I'll get up to next.

  1. I so, so badly want to be able to link "light dawns over Marblehead" to a moment in the early days of the blog when I used that phrase to great effect. But there is no search here. And that is an increasing problem. So that may well be precisely what I get up to next. ↩︎


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