Gmail, Anyone?

I’ve been too busy hyperventilating over the financial machinations that have taken over my life of late to post this in anything like a timely fashion, but it turns out that I’ve got 6 Gmail invites to distribute. If you want one, comment below (with your email address), or email me at kf AT plannedobsolescence DOT net. Friends and regular readers will get priority, but after that, it’s first-come, first-served.

[UPDATE, 6.27.2004, 8.34 am: I’ve still got 5.]

[UPDATE, sometime after that: Invites gone. I’ll post again if I get more.]


  1. Well, the secret is out. I’ve been reading. Good luck on the house, send me a GMail invite, don’t despair about stalled books, consider writing fiction again if you’re tenured, and stay well.

  2. Not a friend either, but could be. ­čśë

    I don’t need one for myself, but I would really appreciate if I could get an invite for my best friend. If you still have some to spare.

  3. Stumbled across your G-point. Would love a GMail. Gee Whizzz. And thanks (for the undeserved…)

  4. I really need this 1GB from Gmail. My e-mail box is full, and i would not like to del my e-mails. So please, help me! Invite me! Tnks

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