Go, Me

After what feels like days, my head is at last clearing, and I have my sights set on a productive weekend. Today, however, began with (a) me sleeping in, still recovering from the skull-splitting of the day before, and (b) an early-morning meeting, which, ick. But I’ve just gotten my hair cut and colored for the first time in months, and I’m about to do some work I’ve been putting off for what feels like just as long, so life is on the upswing.

Not to mention that I’ve got tickets to see these guys, and also these, tomorrow night. So I’m feeling all fired up.

That is all.

6 thoughts on “Go, Me

  1. Thanks, JD! See you there.

    Scott, it’s been so long since I’ve been to a show that they could be dull as dirt and I’d still be beside myself. But “better live” is really something to look forward to.

    Now I’m going to have a hard time concentrating today…

  2. You’ll love the Decemberists show. I agree with the above–they’re even better live than on the album. I may splurge and see them here later on this month (and that’s saying something, since I’ll be eating rice and beans for a few days to pay for it).

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