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Graduation Day

It’s graduation day here in Claremont, and for the first time ever we’re holding the ceremony outside, where it promises to be 75 and sunny and breezy, rather than in the big auditorium, where it is invariably non-airconditioned, stuffy, crowded, and what my grandmother would have called “close.” Should be a glorious day, once I get myself dressed and out there into it.

And then tomorrow‚ tomorrow, I’m on a plane, headed to Louisiana to get R.

I’ve looked forward to this summer for sixteen years. And it’s finally here.

(This post brought to you by my new summer-based determination to return to blogging. This is going to require some stumbling initial steps, I think, as I’m pretty sure I’ve entirely forgotten how to do this. But I promise more in the coming days, and even a return to actual intellectual content.

Happy Mother’s Day, in the meantime.)


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