This is a mighty busy weekend, under normal circumstances, but this weekend is decidedly not normal. Theoretically, today is Class Day — departmental receptions for graduating seniors in the morning; big awards ceremony in the afternoon. Tomorrow is graduation proper. It’s usually a sprint from one event to the next.

This weekend, however, is also SSAW, so the sprint this year involves freeways. I hosted the Media Studies reception this morning, literally dashed in one door and out the other at the English department reception, and then grabbed my computer and hopped in the car. This afternoon and this evening will be here at USC, thinking about social software and its roles in the classroom and in research. Back to Claremont tonight, and up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to sprint back to USC. (This was not the best bit of planning ever; should have gotten a hotel room for the night.) Tomorrow morning is my panel, and then at noon, I’m back in the car, tearing toward Claremont, hoping to get there in time for graduation itself.

And then, collapsing, with margaritas.

More from SSAW shortly.

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