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Hawaii, Day 1

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R. and I are off on another of our famous working vacations, a phenomenon which makes my family (and many other folks as well) think we’re positively nuts. “You’re going to Hawaii in order to sit in front of your laptop and work?” they ask.

Well, yes.

The joy of these trips has a good bit to do with the ways a change of scenery, an escape from the usual pathways and the quotidian business of house- and cat- and job-care frees up the brain to focus on a project in a new way. And the beauty of Hawaii in particular for such a venture has to do — well, partly with the beauty of the scenery, but partly with the change of time as well as of place.

I got up this morning at 4.30 am, feeling pretty well-rested and ready to go. Sat down at the computer, and very quickly produced a six-page overview of the contours of the chapter I’m beginning to write, all the while watching the light gradually come up outside. It’s now 8.30 am, and I feel as though I’ve had a successful work day already, and can either continue plowing along or can move onto something else as I like.

Day 1, accomplished already. I’m feeling pretty good about where things go from here…


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