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Way east. I’m back in the airport — my wonderful little airport, with the free wifi (though it’s behaving like free wifi, I’m afraid — flashing on and off, four bars, no bars, three bars, one bar, three bars, like a little strobe in my menu bar). Waiting for the red eye. And man, are my eyes going to be red.

What of July 15 I’m going to experience will take place in the air, and in the airports. Arrival at IAH at 5.30 am, where I’ll spend just over three hours waiting for my parents. The three of us will get on a plane for Newark, where we’ll spend another three-plus hours waiting for my sister. And then the four of us will board a plane for Rome, where it will be July 16 when we arrive.

Two nights on planes. I’m a little alarmed about it, but my parents have promised to pump me full of Ambien once we take off from Newark, and given that I almost certainly won’t sleep tonight, I’ll hopefully zonk out tomorrow night.

I’m hoping for nearby wifi in Rome, and if it’s there, you’ll hear from me. The batteries in the camera are fully charged, and the little powerhouse Powerbook is at the ready.

In the meantime, I’ll probably wind up posting from IAH and EWR, just to pass the time…

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