Here I Am

So everybody’s on about the Google satellite maps feature, which I’ll admit, is mighty groovy. It’s wonderful and disorienting seeing that eye-in-the-sky view of the mundane places in which my everyday life is carried out. But despite all that fancy watermarking Google’s slapped on the images, it’s clear that these pics are at least two years old, if not older.

How do I know? Here’s where I apparently live:


Not only no construction, but no signs of impending construction. No street. This picture is both a satellite image and a time capsule — just fascinating.


  1. That’s fascinating! There’s something about the photo-ness of it that makes it look completely NOW. And it’s obviously not. I’m glad you don’t live under a bush but in a lovely new condo!

  2. John — Google an address or other location. Click on the “Google Maps” link that comes up, and then click on “Satellite” on the upper right corner of the map page…

    Jill — That’s exactly it. It’s a satellite, right, taking pictures overhead, so there’s a kind of assumption of liveness, or at least recentness. Which I think comes from watching too many episodes of 24 and Alias in which some secret agent type demands satellite images of something happening right now, and boom, there it is. It’s odd to think of satellite imagery as an archive…

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