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I’ve apparently gone on another hiatus, without really intending to do so; the hubbub surrounding the MLA issues discussed here caught me a little by surprise. Once that died down, and I cleared out a bit of head-space to ponder other things, it was time for the next leg of the holiday journey, so the pondering got consumed instead by the negotiation of airplanes, airports, and airport hotels.

On that last: if the reservation agent you speak to at your airline ever tells you that an hour and fifteen minutes is a sufficient span of time between the arrival of your international and the departure of your domestic flight, please feel free to tell them, under my authority, that they are lying. Particularly when said international flight routinely departs an hour late.

I am now safely here in Louisiana, however, where everyone is eagerly anticipating the holiday celebrations to come.

(What’s that you say?… Oh, yeah, sure. Folks here like Christmas fine. But there are more important festivities in the offing.)

My schedule gets increasingly complex over the next few days, and further posting seems unlikely. I’ll look forward to seeing some of you in San Diego, however, and will take this opportunity to wish all of you happy holidays.



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