How It Went

Before I go collapse, a quick update. I had three goals set for the marathon (whose name I am able to speak for the first time in two weeks):

— The fairly-likely-to-make-it goal: just finishing.
— The if-everything-goes-well goal: finishing in under 5 hours.
— The pie-in-the-sky goal: finishing in 4.30, which was of course Never Going to Happen.

My chip time, according to the lovely folks at marathon central was 4.32.56.

I rock.

Having rocked, I’m now going to go take a nap. More on the race particulars, once I’m able to process information again.

15 thoughts on “How It Went

  1. Wow, congratulations!

    I think you’ve inspired me to start training slowly for the 2006 L.A. Marathon. I can only run about 5-6 miles without stopping, so I guess I have a lot of work ahead.

  2. 4:32! It is undeniable that you rock, possibly rocking harder than many so-called “Classic Rock” acts including but not limited to BTO, Rush, Foghat, and Cheap Trick. OK, maybe not Cheap Trick, but still, you have achieved a very high standard of rockage.

    By which I mean congrats…

  3. Way to go, kid. Wear the medal (okay, hang it on the wall, actually wearing it around is kind of weird) with pride.

  4. Michael, she’ll be wearing the medal for a while, at least, in our coffee room — I posted the best of the photos. Bwahaha!

  5. Ack! You POSTED the photos? I was just in the coffee room and didn’t even notice! (See most recent entry on brainpower.)

  6. Just the good one of you with your medal round your alabaster neck, smiling like the sun and holding your bouquet like Miss America.

    Not the one of you puking on Mayor Jim Hahn, or the one of you intentially tripping the person ahead of you, or the one of you taking candy from that baby.

  7. Oooh. Marathon moblogging. The next frontier!

    The funny thing was the number of people around me yakking on their cell phones throughout the race. Most were talking to people who were on the course to cheer for them, I suspect, because they kept saying things like “I’m on Exposition, right next to the big 76” or “I’m on Venice, about a block before La Brea.” The best one, though, was the guy who I overheard saying, “No, I’m running right now.” I really wanted to know what the question was that prompted that answer…

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