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How Not to Graduate


— 5 graduate Cultural Studies projects

— 12 Media Studies term papers

I’m still holding out hope that today’s the day.

On a not-unrelated note: I’ve been heard to complain, over the last few days, that my senior majors have come up with an astonishing array of ways to avoid graduation this semester, ranging from the extremely belated recognition of course requirements left incomplete to the failure to pass said course requirements. This has required some substantive hoop-jumping on the collective parts of the students, their advisors, and the registrar in order to make everything right. I love them all, and they’re worth some significant trouble, but I’ll admit it’s been something of a trial.

No more shall I complain, however, as none of them have taken that last statement literally, as has, apparently, a graduating senior at NYU (from the Chronicle; subscription required):

A New York University student who is scheduled to graduate this week was arrested on Friday and charged with bank fraud in what prosecutors described as a complex series of transactions that involved the shuttling of $43-million in bogus checks between banks in Switzerland and the United States.

No more complaining from my corner. No sirree.


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