How Pissed Am I?

Seriously pissed.

Remember this?

It just broke again.

And it’s got the disc we were watching last night — disk 3 of 6 of season 3 of 24 — stuck inside it.

I’m about to take the fucker apart to see if I can get the disk out. The cursing you hear is probably me.

[UPDATE, 8.34pm: Unbelievably enough, I fixed it. With my very own screwdriver. The disk changer was stuck in an eject-loop, trying to get rid of the disk in slot 2 — except there was no disk in slot 2, and it couldn’t figure that out on its own. And poor Jack Bauer was stuck in slot 1, waiting. I took the thing apart and found a way to slip that disk down into slot 2 while it was in eject mode, and voila. The amazing thing is that now it seems to believe everything is hunky-dory. I’m still pissed, but I can at least feel righteous in my indignation, as I apparently fucking rule. Sony still sucks, and it’s clear to me now that this thing need replacing, post haste. But for now: on to what remains of the evening of Veronica Mars I had planned.]

4 thoughts on “How Pissed Am I?

  1. Wow, you DO fucking rule. As someone who apparently has terrible luck with appliances, it’s key that you are able to fix them yourself.

    And rock on for Veronica Mars. Especially if it was season one. Season two…ehhh.

  2. glad you got it fixed! we just finished the 1st season of Veronica Mars on DVD and really enjoyed it. TV on DVD is great.

  3. Honestly, I don’t know what I did before TV on DVD. Continue watching the late episodes in a season even though I’d missed an earlier one? Can’t bear to do it anymore. Wait for summer re-runs, to attempt to catch up? Nah — there’s no way to tell when the episode you missed will finally come back on, and it always seems as though I catch the same episode over and over.

    More importantly, what was my comfort-viewing, before the TV boxed set?

  4. I had a Sony VCR payer go into the shop 3 times for eating tapes & breaking belts and each time they would say that it was typical for Sony machines! I have had Sony TV tuners blow out in the first two years, which costs more to fix then buying a new TV. And the worse computer I work on as a Network Administrator is a Sony Vaio!

    I guess I missed the fine print somewhere. I have decided to give up on Sony for good!

    Sony Still Sucks and they seem to get a little worse each day!

    Good luck with your DVD player and I would suggest checking out a Panasonic. They last longer, sound & look better and have one of the lowest repair ratings by major researches such as Consumers Reports and the likes.

    No matter what you buy, it will be better that that ‘Sorry Sony’ product!

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