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How Pissed Am I?

Seriously pissed.

Remember this?

It just broke again.

And it’s got the disc we were watching last night — disk 3 of 6 of season 3 of 24 — stuck inside it.

I’m about to take the fucker apart to see if I can get the disk out. The cursing you hear is probably me.

[UPDATE, 8.34pm: Unbelievably enough, I fixed it. With my very own screwdriver. The disk changer was stuck in an eject-loop, trying to get rid of the disk in slot 2 — except there was no disk in slot 2, and it couldn’t figure that out on its own. And poor Jack Bauer was stuck in slot 1, waiting. I took the thing apart and found a way to slip that disk down into slot 2 while it was in eject mode, and voila. The amazing thing is that now it seems to believe everything is hunky-dory. I’m still pissed, but I can at least feel righteous in my indignation, as I apparently fucking rule. Sony still sucks, and it’s clear to me now that this thing need replacing, post haste. But for now: on to what remains of the evening of Veronica Mars I had planned.]


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