Musberger: “And now, in a battle of field position, Oklahoma has a great opportunity.”

Isn’t football by definition a battle of field position?

This is only topped by the color commentator I once heard during a college basketball game (when? dunno), who expostulated that “in order to win this game, [Team X] is going to have to put more points on the board than [Team Y].

Yeah. Uh-huh.


  1. Oh, come on! I’ve heard MUCH stupider (e.g. John Madden at any given moment) than that – he just meant that in a defense-driven game, you win not by scoring on every drive but by advancing more than your opponent did on its last drive, thus slowly, possession by possession, working your way into field goal (or even TD) range.

    For my money, the stupidest comments are to be found in the post-game questions (“Does it feel good to win? Were you glad to catch that game-winning touchdown with 5 seconds to go?”)

  2. Oh, of course that’s what he meant. What he said, on the other hand, just made my adrenaline-addled brain go …?

    But here’s a question: I haven’t been watching a tremendous amount of sports of late, so this happened when I wasn’t looking — when did Brent Musberger make a comeback? I mean, I was making fun of him back in the eighties, and he dropped out of site for a good long while there…

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