1. Very funny! How did you find this out? I’ve done Google US searches for some of the terms that show up in my usage statistics, but you seem better informed about this stuff than I am….

    On a quick search, I did determine that I am the number one site for the search phrase “all publicity is good publicity.” Seems rather apt…

  2. Chuck — the searches pop up with full URLs in my referrer logs (I’m running Dean Allen’s Refer).

    Brandon — you know, it honestly hadn’t occurred to me to check the US site to see if it came up the same. I am a bit curious about the intent of the Japanese user who was seeking an onanism facility (and whether that’s a literal translation of something that might make sense translated more… metaphorically). While the phrase “kotex commercials” might make little sense in conjunction with your blog — well, at least I get a sense of what the searcher was after…

  3. (Do you get the sense that the sense of my vocabulary could stand to be expanded, such that I might make more sense?)

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