I Am Not Blogging

This post is likely little more than a bit of ritual throat-clearing, designed to help me get past a stage in the trying-to-write-again process in which I simply cannot get myself to focus on what it is that I need to write (promised articles coming due in very rapid succession) and yet cannot find a way to noodle around with something new, either. The result is that I find myself looking guiltily at this space, thinking I should be writing something here, that it might help get me going again, but finding myself with nothing much worth writing about.

It’s not as though I’m not writing, though, all-day-every-day: memos and reports and email messages and proposals and even one very big important project for the day job. It’s just that all of that has taken a tremendous amount of energy off the top of the thing I persist in thinking of as “my own writing.” But deadlines are pressing, and I find myself flailing around a bit, looking for that magical point of entry into these articles.

And so, I’m back into my too frequently forgotten strategies: sitting down at the computer first thing in the morning, before the day’s demands get the opportunity to make themselves known; doing whatever freewriting I need to do to get myself loosened up; consulting the notes I’ve made about the projects in front of me.

This post is a moment of knuckle-cracking before I set fingers to keyboard, hoping that the loosened-up hands will magically tap out the answers. Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “I Am Not Blogging

  1. Ceci n’est pas un blog. 🙂 Luck! I know you’ve written before about the conflict between early morning writing and early morning running: I myself do not have that problem, since I do not, you know, exercise. I don’t really write, either (except email), but the times when I have been most productive have definitely been those in which I’ve sat down at the desk first thing in the morning . . .

    What I never understand, though, when one has a day job, is when to fit in the *research,* the *reading* that is necessary for good academic writing. Ideally I suppose that one devotes one’s evening to that part of it, but usually by that part of the day I’m more up for booze and Project Runway than I am for serious and thoughtful articles and books.

  2. Amanda, it’s exactly the research that’s the problem here! If I could just plunk myself down at my desk at 6 am every day and let words pour out, I’d stand a shot at getting somewhere. But first there’s that pesky business of having something to say, and that requires my actually taking the time to read some stuff, make some notes, ponder and rearrange, and so forth. If only it were all in there, just waiting to be accessed through particularly skillful typing.

    And thanks for the empathy, Collin. I can use all the luck I can get — but if you have some spare hours you’d be willing to share, I’d be happy to take those, too. 🙂

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