4 thoughts on “I Can’t Watch

  1. You went for ice cream, I went to the gym.

    I actually am cheering for Florida, which is something I never thought I’d be able to stomach. They beat the Tigers twice this year, handily both times, and I have to respect the way they’ve played the last month.

  2. I’m sorry… did you just use the words “respect” and “Florida” in the same paragraph?



    P.S. The ice cream was far and away the better part of valor.

  3. Begrudgingly. I’m cheering begrudgingly, I swear. Probably won’t watch the game. At least Florida is an SEC team.

    And the women played just as poorly as the men. An awful way for Seimone Augustus to go out, though similar to the career-ending throttling the Tigers put on JJ Redick, so I suppose the Duke karma backhanded slap is in full force.

    Oh, and my cousin (the one in Boston, where the NCAAWF4 is being played) got on TV. So all’s not completely lost.

  4. Sigh. I came to the begrudging decision myself earlier tonight that the lesser of two evils does in fact reside in the Sunshine State.

    And the women’s game… I watched the first half, and once again couldn’t bear to continue. They were completely and totally shut down. It was just excruciating.

    Thank goodness for LSU baseball!

    Oh. Wait.

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