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I Survived

Did you?

The entire experience was excruciating. I bit my nails, pulled my hair, screamed at the screen, covered my face with my hands. Afterward, I was drained, but it still took hours to get my blood pressure back down to normal.

I’m talking, of course, about last night’s debate.

The Bush campaign has gone into massive spin-mode, as expected, but all immediate indications suggest a massive victory for Kerry. Bush’s squirrellyness was too too evident — the rapid blinking, the increasingly high-pitched strain to his voice — while Kerry seemed to settle in as the debate wore on, becoming calmer and more forceful and more clear with each question.

As an editorial in the Boston Globe this morning suggests, it’s hard to imagine anyone watching that debate thinking, in the end, that Bush looked more “presidential.”

But stranger things have been known to happen. And just because I survived last night doesn’t mean I’m going to make it through the rest of the debates, to election day, and through the inevitable lawsuits to follow without having a stroke.


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