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You know that feeling where you’re eating in a restaurant, and you bite into a piece of stir-fried chicken, and you can immediately tell that it’s been insufficiently stir-fried, and all you can think of is how you have to travel tomorrow, and you can’t have salmonella while you’re traveling? And then when, several hours later, you start feeling distinctly queasy, you can’t tell if it’s just the power of suggestion or if you really actually are getting ill? And how, given that uncertainty, you can’t decide whether the thing to do is just to try to go to sleep and see if it passes, or to, well, try to get the thing you think your body wants outside of you outside of you? Not to mention how, having opted for sleep, when you wake up the next morning still feeling just as queasy, you know that you’ve sort of missed your window of opportunity, because if queasy were to resolve into active being-sick right now, your travel day would be completely screwed?

I hate it when that happens.



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