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I'm Gonna Take You on a Surfin'... Oh, You Know

Am happily running the public beta of Apple’s very own browser, Safari. It’s got that groovy brushed-metal iInterface that grace all the hippest iApps, even despite its absence of iNess. It’s light-years faster than IE5, which was released for the Mac approximately a decade ago. And — as open-source supportive as I am — it’s far less clunky than Mozilla. Plus, did I mention its brushed-metal interface?

I am, however, reserving judgment on Apple’s release of Keynote, the presentation software announced, in a head-spinning display of self-reflexivity, in Steve Jobs’s MacWorld keynote yesterday. On the one hand, if one must do presentations accompanied by what we used to call “visual aids,” how much better to create them in an environment not engineered by the Dark Side. On the other hand, what the world needs now is not a happily Apple-y PowerPoint, but less PowerPoint. Somebody, please, persuade me that Keynote will be a force for good in this world.


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