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In the Archive

I finally get it — why researchers develop archive fever. I spent part of yesterday afternoon in the special collections of the LSU Libraries, and am completely entranced. Not only was the staff immediately and overwhelmingly helpful (making phone calls on my behalf when part of what I wanted to see wasn’t, in fact, available, and granting me immediate access to their collections without the personal background check required in order to obtain borrowing privileges at the main university library), but I was able to sit down and start paging through some absolutely fascinating manuscript material. And I’ve already stumbled upon something I wasn’t really looking for, or that I didn’t know that I was looking for, but that’s absolutely perfect for what I need.

Yes, cryptic. The new project, incorporating some of this archival material, will with any luck be coming to a screen near you early in March. Assuming the rest of the research goes as swimmingly, and that I don’t get totally lost in the archive.


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