In Which I Lose My Cool, and Succumb to a Fit of Pique

Ogged finds the country we live in mighty funny indeed, but I’ve just got to say: a world in which one person can slap together a tell-all blog documenting her way more tawdry than titillating inside-the-beltway sexual shenanigans, proceed to get fired from her Capitol Hill job, and wind up with a $300,000 book deal based on a 25-page proposal, while, hypothetically, another person works two jobs to get through grad school, spends six years first on a dissertation and then on the book drawn therefrom, and spends another two years begging somebody, anybody, to please please take pity on her and print a few measly copies of the damn thing — that’s one seriously fucked-up world. Indeed.

(Note to self: More sex. Less theory. It’s the American way.)

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