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Today’s the first day of the eleventh annual conference of the Association of Internet Research, and the sixth of which I’ve attended. It’s lovely catching up with some of the folks I often see at these conferences, but also great getting to meet and hang out with folks I only sort of know from online venues.

I’ve decided to try to blog the conference a bit; I miss the heady days of heavy-duty conference blogging, and thought I’d try to see if I can recapture some of that.

This is the first conference day I’ll be spending with just the iPad, though; I decided to leave the laptop in the hotel today to see how well I’d do with just the more portable device.

We’re only one session in, but it’s working well so far. With one exception: switching back and forth from PlainText (in which I’m taking notes) to Twitter and WordPress is mildly annoying. Come on already, iOS 4.1…

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