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Is This What It Feels Like to Be a Windows User?

So, that incipient case of the “chicken pox”?

Is not the chicken pox at all.

It is now, according to my doctor, a “virus of unknown origin.” Something almost certainly infectious, but untraceable without major lab analyses, which frankly aren’t worth it, as the virus seems pretty close to running its course.

Of course, because a mystery virus just wasn’t enough, my sore throat — which began as just a regular old sore throat such as one gets with the chicken pox, and then developed into nasty sores down the back of my throat, such as I’ve heard can also happen with the chicken pox — has morphed into a bacterial infection, which is in the process of turning into tonsillitis.

Antibiotics are on the way. Which is great and all, but I really want to run a full system scan, to root out any other little bugs that are lingering herein, waiting for their opportunity to surprise me.


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