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Almost thirteen (13) years ago, I was president of the Phi Beta Kappa chapter at Pomona College. As such, I was supposed to give an address to our new initiates during graduation weekend, but a couple of weeks before the event, I discovered that I had irremediably double-booked myself; I was going to be on a plane home from a small conference on the digital humanities at Dartmouth at the time I was supposed to be in Lyman Hall, one of the auditoria in the Thatcher Music building, inspiring our soon-to-be-graduates as they left campus and embarked on their next steps.

When I figured out the mistake I'd made, frankly, I panicked. And then I wrote and recorded a talk (and heavily over-edited it, apparently), and burned it onto a DVD so that those who ended up having to do the heavy lift on the ceremony could at least hit "play" and not have to come up with a speaker, too.

I just rediscovered this video as I worked through my 1Password account, trying to make sure I've got 2FA activated on everything that will support it. The talk is a product of its time, for sure, but its heart is totally in the right place.

Check your privacy settings, folks. And set up that 2FA.


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