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Last Season, on Planned Obsolescence

One key problem with the blog as a platform for serial scholarship is that it’s much too easy to find yourself interrupted, to lose a train of thought.

Then again, this is a key problem with having a day job in general: that train of thought, whatever it was you were working on outside the bounds of the day job, always runs the risk of getting utterly derailed.

Oh, I’ve just got to get caught back up with what’s going on in the office, you say, and then I’ll get right back to that series I was working on.

But there’s that one upcoming deadline that has to be met yet, and that’s got to take priority. And there are the other many small details that manage to create a very convincing set of distractions.

One great thing about non-serial scholarship — the feature release, perhaps — is that its process of production, its fits and starts, are hidden from public view.

On the other hand, nobody’s really waiting for that feature release. And one can at least hope that gaps in one’s serial production — a little between-season hiatus, perhaps — might help to build anticipation.

I am hoping that this doesn’t require cliffhanger endings.


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