Leaning Shelves

So I’ve been thinking about my home work space a bunch lately, in part because I’m about to get a new desktop computer (on which subject, more later), and I’m not sure I’ve got an optimal set-up right now. My desk is in a very small niche, just deep enough for the desk and a chair, with a little bit of leeway. The desk itself is pretty old — a piece of plywood I painted and lacquered in about 1985, resting on two very small file cabinets. I’ve been trying to decide whether I just want to buy a longer desktop (like a door) to go on top of the current file cabinets, or if I want an actual piece of furniture. And it occurred to me today that I might do something like leaning shelves, like this. So I googled “leaning shelves” and started poking around, to see what’s out there.

And stumbled across this picture, of my very own library, post-temblor.

Leaning Shelves

This completely took my breath away — to see the place I’ve been so often, eight years before I was there, in a context I never expected, and in a state I never imagined.


  1. In terms of home work space, if you do it, do it right: thin casing lcd monitor with 1600×1200 minimum resolution. Perhaps 2. Widescreen preferable.

    I think Planar makes the most affordable. Dell has deals for ~550 every now and then.

    Its a completely new work experience, with amazing synergy between your workspaces (those real, and those virtual) The thinner LCD casings make a desk look sparse and empty, just floating on a wire pedastal. The larger screensize affords a more uncluttered virtual desktop.

  2. Well… I’m definitely getting an LCD, but it’s going to be a cinema display. The 23″ one. So it’s not exactly a thin casing, but lots of screen real estate nonetheless, and a very small footprint…

  3. It’s certainly going to be a major step up from the 15″ iMac I’ve been working on at home for the last three years.

  4. Wow, that’s a cool photo. Reminds me of the apartment I lived in during the early 90s. We were young and broke and ex had a huge book collection. We bought utility shelves in the dining room and put the books on them. The books were heavy. The shelves were cheap. Gradually they started to lean. And then one day … (you get the picture, I’m sure)

  5. I just picked up the Dell 20″ — its the same exact lcd screen and backlight in the Apple 20″ cinema display — except it was $400 after Dell’s ‘stackable’ coupons.

    The resolution is a bit too spacey for me (1600×1050 over 20″) as I’m more comfortable with the pixel size on my SGI flatscreen (1600×1024 over 17″).

    If you’re debating the Apple 20″, just get the Dell. Same screen, half the price, and it comes with 4 inputs instead of 1 on the apple. If you’re definately getting the 23″, good for you, the 1920 x 1200 resolution is simply great.

  6. Oh, 100%, no questions about it — the 23″ is on the way. It’s pricey, but what else are grants for? And there’s something that’s just shivery about the very idea of having a 1920 x 1200 resolution…

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