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So I’ve been thinking about my home work space a bunch lately, in part because I’m about to get a new desktop computer (on which subject, more later), and I’m not sure I’ve got an optimal set-up right now. My desk is in a very small niche, just deep enough for the desk and a chair, with a little bit of leeway. The desk itself is pretty old — a piece of plywood I painted and lacquered in about 1985, resting on two very small file cabinets. I’ve been trying to decide whether I just want to buy a longer desktop (like a door) to go on top of the current file cabinets, or if I want an actual piece of furniture. And it occurred to me today that I might do something like leaning shelves, like this. So I googled “leaning shelves” and started poking around, to see what’s out there.

And stumbled across this picture, of my very own library, post-temblor.

Leaning Shelves

This completely took my breath away — to see the place I’ve been so often, eight years before I was there, in a context I never expected, and in a state I never imagined.

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