Les Pauvres

Poor, poor beleaguered experts. How can one possibly survive the onslaught of the unwashed (and uncredentialed) blogospheric masses?

Thanks to Aunt B. for the reference, and for the citation, as well. It’s no accident that the first chapter of The Anxiety of Obsolescence cites Schickel’s article on the death of film, but I hadn’t realized that we were also facing the imminent death of film reviewing

One thought on “Les Pauvres

  1. Poor Richard. I wrote about Schickel’s article a few weeks ago on New Critics, and, yes, he’s clearly upset that the bloggers are storming the gates (or the press lines or something). He does have a small point about professional film critics losing their jobs. Eleanor Ringel-Gillespie, a critic I read for 25 years in Atlanta, was basically fired by the Atlanta Journal in a cost-cutting move.

    But I think this less about film blogs than it is about media conglomerates placing profit over offering a solid news product. Culture pages are obviously pretty expensive, so she and the book editor (among others) lost their jobs. That being said, most of the best film reviewers I read are bloggers.

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