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Making 'making MediaCommons'

Greetings from Austin, and the Flow conference. Things here have been fabulous so far — the conference organizers have developed a great new open format, in which brief papers were posted online, roundtable participants are presenting brief statements, and then the conversation runs from there — and it’s been real conversation, actual discussion, respectful and engaged contention with the ideas in play.

It’s absolutely appropriate, then, that we’re releasing making MediaCommons today. making MediaCommons is intended to be a site-in-progress, a meta-site, of sorts, in which my colleague Avi Santo (and the other editorial folks whom we’ll be bringing on board in the coming days can plan in public, building the network around what the future users of MediaCommons want.

Please stop by, register for the site, comment on our features, and propose projects for development.

Running to the next panel now. More soon.


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