Managed and Unmanaged

Managed this week:

— Have made significant headway on article, via intensive half-hour morning sessions, and whatever little bits of time I want to add to those. Now have twelve pages worth of text, of which the first five are pretty well fleshed-out and not totally sucky, and the next five are fairly sketched-in, if riddled with bracketed notes to self.
— Reviewed two manuscripts for journals, wrote reports, and got them back in well ahead of schedule.
— Wrote proposal for essay solicited for on-line collection.
— Laid out somewhat reasonable outline for one of two courses for fall.

Yet unmanaged:

— Must finish the article I’m working on, PDQ.
— Must quickly write essay solicited for on-line collection, due in about a month.
— Must obtain permissions for material to be quoted in essay solicited for online collection.
— Must draft article, due in late August, that will provide the substance of a talk to be given twice in October.
— Must write brief position paper for conference in late October.
— Must finish laying out syllabus for partially-designed class for fall.
— Must design second fall class, and lay out syllabus.
— Must order books for both classes, before August 1, to avoid finger-wag from bookstore.
— Must come up with non-tedious things to write about here, so as not to completely alienate readers of blog.

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