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So as I’ve mentioned before, this is the summer I finally get to reap the benefits of having gotten tenure; I’m free to think, to read, to explore as I see fit. The thing about such freedom, though, is that it can be disorienting, particularly for somebody who has spent the last twelve years in a world filled with deadlines and hurdles. The disorientation is somewhat chosen, though; I think I might know what direction I’ll ultimately be headed in, but I don’t want to strike a course prematurely. I want to wander, to figure out what’s out there — to play a bit before setting a new goal.

I’m reading a bunch of crime fiction, and also a bunch of blogs, and I’m sketching out some ideas for a new project in the broadest possible terms. I’ve learned a thing or two about a couple of software packages, and plan on learning more once I get back to California. I’ve got a slew of toys to order, and to play with once they arrive.

All of this is good, but it’s leaving me feeling a bit fuzzy. Unfocused. I’m certain that that’s a good thing, at least in the long term, but right now it just feels weird.


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