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I was poking around the web a little while ago, pondering this blog — why I haven’t been posting much in recent months, wishing I were posting more, thinking about what I’d post if I were to post, and so forth — and found myself fixated on the notion that there’s this thing I’d like to be posting if only I could: content from the big project. I’ve been holding off on starting to post excerpts from that project, though, until I can start cross-posting it to MediaCommons. And for that, I’ve been waiting on our programmers to get the blogging module activated and properly functioning. So I started poking at MediaCommons: and guess what? Blogging has been activated there!

The difference between creating a “post” at MediaCommons and creating a “blog post” is a pretty fine one. In the Drupal universe, a “post” either lands in the site’s main blog stream (by being promoted to the front page) or it doesn’t; regular old posts don’t accrue to individual user blogs. Blog posts, however, do; any user can create posts on his or her own blog if the blogging module is activated, and those posts can be editorially promoted to the front page or not. The blogging module thus enables a bunch of people to be doing a bunch of stuff in different areas of the site, and for different parts of that stuff to be made visible at different levels and in different ways.

We’re hoping that a bunch of folks will start blogging there, whether posting original content or cross-posting from existing blogs. I’ve just posted the first official blog post on the site; I look forward to having it joined by lots more new content — not least, stuff from the big project — soon.


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