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MediaCommons Updates

Earlier this week, I spent a couple of days on the Jersey shore with the guys from the Institute for the Future of the Book, my MediaCommons co-coordinating editor, Avi Santo, and nine-twelfths of the founding members of the editorial board. We spent all day embroiled in a series of very intense, sometimes difficult, but always exciting conversations about what the network should become and how we should take it there.

We’re of course still processing the outcomes from these conversations, but I’ve ventured a couple of posts on the MediaCommons blog that begin to capture some of the many ideas that were in circulation in New Jersey. We didn’t all agree, and so I expect that there will be more discussion in the comments; I hope you’ll pass by and join in the fray.

I should also note that MediaCommons has just published a paper of mine, drawn from a talk I’ve been giving about the background for and development of the scholarly network. This paper is meant both to be about the network and an experiment in network structure; the paper is fully commentable, at levels ranging from the paragraph to the page, by anyone with a registered MediaCommons account. We hope that this instantiation of some of our guiding principles for the network might help spread the word about what we’re up to (and why) as well as suggest some of the exciting possibilities for networked scholarly publishing into the future.

Please come by and join in the various conversations; we want your input. (One caveat, however: if you’re planning on being in Lander Auditorium at the University of Rochester this afternoon at 1 pm, you might want to hold off on reading that paper, so as to avoid a fairly intensive experience of déjà lu.)


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