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Merry Christmas, All

Thus far, R. and I have managed to survive our holidays with only a modicum of fallout, which is not a thing to be said lightly. In fact, it may well be tempting fate, something I hope to undo with the acknowledgment of fate’s infinite power for reminding me who’s boss contained in this sentence, as there are still two family events between us and the airport. That said, though, things have gone fairly well, and I predict a lovely day today, followed by a long and lovely flight, a short train ride, a hop over to a tram or a cab, and sometime about 48 hours from now when my head finally clears, the happy realization that I’m back in Amsterdam, that it’s just R. and me, and that the holidays are over, and my sabbatical has begun.

Posting may be light for the next two weeks. Or, in fact, posting may be heavier. Depending.

Best wishes to all for a happy holiday, and an even better new year.


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