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Monday Morning Condo Blogging, vol. 7: Inside Edition

It was a big weekend for condo picture-taking. R. and I wandered over Sunday morning after breakfast, camera at the ready, and found that the building next to ours has not only been fully stuccoed but is also mostly painted. Our building’s tar-paper-and-chicken-wire underskin is still showing, however:


And I’m really not kidding about the tar-paper-and-chicken-wire thing, though it’s a bit hard to see in the photos.


I took a billion–or maybe a dozen–more pictures of the exterior of the building, but I think you’ve got the basic sense of it. The important stuff came after these images, though, when R. and I executed a small covert maneuver called Operation Wallboard, a quick and dirty penetration of the condo’s heretofore unphotographed interior. I bring you word of the condo’s imminent liberation from the forces of chaos! The structures of democracy (or, at least, walls) are being erected everywhere!

I tire of this thoroughly silly metaphor. To the pictures: first, the second-floor landing. The entrance to the condo is on the ground floor, but the condo itself is on the third, so I’ve got two flights of stairs with a lovely landing inbetween, a landing large enough for a small workspace, or, alternately, a litter box:


Upon turning the corner from the stairs into the condo proper, the kitchen is on your left. The mysterious arm and shoulder at far right belong to R.:


Directly ahead is the living area:

[Living Area](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/livingarea.jpg','Living Area',600,455);>)

And to the right is the dining area:

[Dining Area](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/diningarea.jpg','Dining Area',600,455);>)

Between the kitchen and the living area is the entrance to the hallway, and dead ahead on that hallway is the master bedroom, which has perhaps the best walk-in closet ever:

[Walk-in Closet](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/walkincloset.jpg','Walk-in Closet',600,455);>)

The master bedroom itself isn’t too shabby, either:

[Master Bedroom](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/masterbedroom.jpg','Master Bedroom',600,455);>)

The hallway takes a left turn at the master bedroom —


— and continues on to the spare bedroom —

[Spare Bedroom](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/sparebedroom.jpg','Spare Bedroom',600,455);>)

— and the hall bath.

[Hall Bath](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/hallbath.jpg','Hall Bath',600,455);>)

And that’s pretty much it. Except for the garage, which is enormous and lovely:


All that preparation for covert action turns out to have been unnecessary, however, as I got a call from the contractor this morning asking me to come in and do a walk-through to make sure they’ve got all the options right. I like to think, however, that our undercover operations laid the groundwork that has made such a turn to openness possible.


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