Monday Morning Condo Blogging

Jake wrote me a while back to suggest that my condo-in-process might provide a useful opportunity for some photoblogging. Of course, as I’ll no doubt discuss at great length at a future moment, such a photoblog is a bit complicated by my technological circumstances (see above blog title for a hint), but I’ve nonetheless striven mightily, and can thus present to you the first edition of what (I hope) will be a weekly feature hereabouts: Monday Morning Condo Blogging.

Today’s images date from June 26, and show the possible* future exterior of my building. The building shown is the first one you come to upon entering the complex, which was nearing completion when I took the pictures; my building will be the fifth. My unit is on the third floor, on the northern end of the building.

The unit’s entrance is on the ground floor; the exteriors attempt to mimic a kind of urban-industrial look, but do so in typical Los Angeles po-mo style.

Future Exterior 1

The living area is on the east side of the building; there’s a great balcony on the north-east corner, between the living and dining areas.

Future Exterior 2

The ceilings of the third-floor unit are 12 feet high, and the windows are about 8 feet high. They run on three sides of the apartment. And apparently, there are 30 of them.

Future Exterior 3

There’s only one unit below mine, which takes up all of the second and a good bit of the ground floor. The second-floor units have an extra room, but the ceilings are a mere 10 feet high. And the windows a mere 6. And they have me walking around upstairs.

Future Exterior 4

There’s a second, smaller balcony off the master bedroom, on the north-west corner.

Future Exterior 5

Coming next week: images of my actual building-in-progress.


*I am under strict instructions by the builder not to take anything about this model as a “promise.” Substitutions may be made! Changes may be wrought! They may not be able to help it!

One thought on “Monday Morning Condo Blogging

  1. That looks really interesting (not “interesting” as in I can’t think of anything nice to say–it looks terrific, but also interesting)! I like the look of the place from the front. You’re going to dig those windows, I bet. Assuming, you know, circumstances don’t require the builder to give you arrow hutches instead.

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