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My great friend Marcus, who has popped up around these parts periodically, has finally launched his own site, There you can see a wide range of Marcus’s work and keep up with the goings-on in his atelier.

And there’s the thing, right — having a studio is cool, but having an atelier is much, much cooler. As is having a website in French, because instead of that dull “Loading” message, you can watch the “Chargement” of each page. I’ll admit, though, that there’s something a little unnerving to my American brain about the verb “t?©l?©charger” for “to download”; I keep waiting for the charges to pop up on my American Express card.

All beside the point, of course. The point is the seriously cool site, and Marcus’s amazing work. Check it out.

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  1. hey kathleen. Just passing through your blog to find this mention of my site. For the funny coincidence : next week I go to hang a show–in Tours !

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